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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> and the battle on the far left. lauren. we'll be right back. >> wardrobe malfunction. fans for coming in your home tonight. fair and balanced and unafraid. s next. wait until you see this. o'reilly factor is on. now to this... outrage in arizona, 19 people shot, including gabrielle giffords and now political violence has broken out. >> these sorts of things invite the kind of toxic thing that can
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leave unstable people to make this believe it's an acceptable response. >> they incite people to anger. >> there was a lot of vitriolic statements made on radio and tv about her support of healthcare. >> bill: we'll have wall to wall coverage featuring our correspondents. caution, you are about to sbher the no-spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. murder in arizona and the gross exploitation of it. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the attack on congresswoman gabrielle giffords in arizona was an attack on every law abiding american citizen.
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the man that shot her shot a judge and killed a nine-year-old girl. the politicians cannot walk freely to talk with their constituents we don't have a democracy. talking points believes that any new laws should provide safety for public officials should be considered. we can't have chaos at this level. the killer jared loughner is a psychopath. civilization has always had them. besides the senseless violence there is another disgusting display sweeping america. that is the exploitation of the murders by political zelots. >> motels after she was shot, some far left loons spread their hatred. conservatives encouraged jared loughner to pull the trigger. sarah palin, michele bachmann, fox news, all spurred the psycho path to kill the six people.
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merchants of hate that are peddling this stuff should be accountable. let's begin with the "new york times." in an editorial, they said quote it is legitimate to hold republicans and particularly them in the media responsible for the anger that has produced a vast majority of these death threats. many on the right have exploited the arguments of division, sweeping political power by demonizing immigrants or welfare recipients or bureaucrats. unquote. that is flat out reprehensible and every american should condemn that "new york times" editorial. republicans had nothing to do with the murders. if you oppose border laws, you are not demonizing immigrants. if you oppose the nanny state you are not demonizing illegal immigrants. if you disagree with their far left view you are hateful. even worse, it's time columnist
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paul krugman a radical professor. he accuses of michele bachmann towards giffords because she said this. >> i want people in minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue because we feed knead fight back. thomas jefferson having a revolution is a good thing. we the people are going to fight back hard if we're not going to lose our country. >> obviously she was using a metaphor to make a political point. it is simply morally repugnant and line louse that krugman would smear her by connecting her to the murders. incredibly krigman continues, but you won't hear on msnbc jokes about shooting government officials or beheading a journalist. listening to bill o'reilly or glenn beck and you will, unquote.
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as usual he is lying. the man is incapable of telling the truth. here is the proof. >> that bad guy, was mr. big and they had a pellet in his face and blew up rush limbaugh looks more and more like mr. big and he is going to explode like a giant blimp. >> mr. matthews wasn't threatening mr. limbaugh he was making a political point. compared to the other people on msnbc he is saying it to his disgrace. nbc news allows vicious attacks on any one that doesn't tow the msnbc line. this is unprecedented in the media. then there is sarah palin. she is being blamed for the murders, as well. >> giffords was one of 20 democrats whose districts were
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lit up in crosshairs on a sarah palin campaign website. giffords and many others complained that someone unstable might act on that imagery. >> as everybody knows, governor palin was active in last year's election and using words targeting districts is common usage. james rosen reports that the democratic leadership committee has used the exact same imagery as governor palin in assessing campaigns. i guess paul krugman didn't see this bit of campaigning by a west virginia senator. >> i'll talk on this administration to get the federal government off of our backs and i'll cut bad spending and repeal bad parts of obamacare. i'll take dead aim at the cap and trade bill. >> bill: the hits keep on
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coming. far left women's organization now opine, quote, we condemn equally the culture of hate and violence increasingly reflected in right wing opponents of those that support progressive solutions. they condemn equally? now equating mass murder with rhetoric? unbelievable. somehow now does not condemn the daily post. they are perfectly fine. it's just the right wing that is a problem. hypocrisy is stunning but they pale besides the exploitation of terrible murders in arizona. decent people ascribe motivation to a person like jared loughner unless it's proved beyond a reasonable doubt. far left looks have attacked me
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for years. i have to have security around the clock. has the "new york times" ever said anything about that. some of our colleagues are faced with the exact same situation. there comes to a point of free society when citizens have to acknowledge the truth or see their country dissipate. the "new york times," msnbc and paul krugman and others are furious that their far left vision is falling apart. so they are using it to attack their perceived political enemies. that is what this is all about. the failure of the far left agenda because the loons are serious. they are calling accessories to murder -- how despicable as that. president obama said this. >> it's not surprising today that gabby was doing what she
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always does, listening to the hopes and concerns of her neighbors. that is the essence of what our democracy all about. that is why this is more than a just a tragedy for those involved. it is tragedy for arizona and a tragedy for our entire country. what americans do in times of tragedy is to come together and support each other. >> bill: that is good leadership from mr. obama. unfortunately it's not happening. also, i would like to see the president call out the far left thugs who are exploiting these murders, who are so full of hatred they can't a allow people to grieve before turning the tragedy into a political circus. one final note. there are patriots as well, over the top rhetoric and these murders should remind conservatives that there are boundaries and lines that should not be crossed. hate is hate, no matter where it comes from. the rest of the factor this
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evening, will be devoted to the story, brit hume, bernie goldberg and all correspondents
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>> bill: wall to wall coverage, hatred rhetoric by president bush and vice president cheney has largely been forgotten own a by law officials. arizona murders that took place in pima county which the sheriff ignited the current controversy. >> there are a whole lot of people in this country that are very angry at the politics of people like gabriel. there was a lot of vitriolic statements made night and day on radio and tv about her support of healthcare, about her support of some of the other things. >> bill: well we invited sheriff
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dupnik here this evening but he has declined. here is juan williams, the sheriff is not wrong when he says there was heated rhetoric in the campaign pitting the congresswoman against her opponent. but should the sheriff have connected it to the murders? >> there is no way you can make a logical connection between jared loughner who is psychologically unstable individual, there is no dispute about that and the fact that you have people who are involved in a heated political campaign. jared loughner was not a subscriber to sarah palin's blog he wasn't a follower of michele bachmann. he wasn't a at the party member. there was hen a suggestion he was a member of group, no membership roll he was subscriber to any newsletters. all we know he lived in southern
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arizona, eighth congressional district where there is a lot of animosity directed towards illegal immigrants, a lot of anti-government rhetoric, but the sheriff, who i think is trying to express general concern as you did in your talking points memo of overheated rhetoric coming from the left or right -- you were so right to say that -- i think he made a mistake by going a step too far. you can't make a direct connection to politicize this issue and look as if you were trying.... >> it was a big mistake. it was absolutely a big mistake. he was trying to put the whole thing in some kind of context. it was a very heated race but no evidence to show that psychopath was angry is that is why he did it and therefore dupnik was irresponsible. >> i think was incredibly sad day for america.
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it's sad for open society, we may not have access in the future we have now which is a terrible thing for the way government operates. i think it was made scatter that there was not a small number of people without knowing the names of the victims while they were still likely on their way to the hospital for treatment, they decided that those deaths, that those injuries, that that pain was going to be useful to them as a way to hurt mere political opponents. i think that unfortunately the sheriff became among their ranks when he made that statement without any evidence. >> bill: i don't think he is in there with those people. let me ask you a question. >> he is man of evidence. >> bill: she should have come on tonight and apologized. we're going to have a sheriff
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tomorrow who himself is under death threats all day long. i say that this is all driven, krugman, all these people by the fact that they are so angry that their progressive vision is falling apart in this country that they use this, boom, as a wedge. >> i think they talk about on the left a toxic environment that has been built. i think the left has been creating the environment when something like this happens first reaction is to blame right wing rhetoric. >> bill: now can a person as educated as krugman, he teaches at princeton university. you saw him say what he said about rush limbaugh, these are things that anybody that would research any column would find. the man is rank liar or he is so
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crazy -- how do you see it? >> i think he is caught up in the spin. he is angry at the right. he is even angry at president obama. he doesn't think he has gone far enough in terms of economic policy. he feels that somehow that people like bill o'reilly, fox news, that they are winning the argument with most of the american people. they are creating a different narrative than he sees in terms of his reality. so he is frustrated. that is why so it's so incredible we're discussing this and i'm thinking back to the shooter at fort hood where people said don't jump to conclusions about muslims. don't jump to conclusions that even has a tie to an imam that was preaching violence against america, no, let's look at him as a psychotic individual. you don't see that same level of critique, insistence on
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standards applied here. >> bill: it goes on and on. i say look, let me put myself in for a second. there are a lot of threats, a lot of very angry statements made against president obama. secret service have an unprecedented level of threats. people are so uptight about the idea of any threat to the president. you know about the incident in terms of congress that was reported that people said but it was never taped or proven they were spit on. they were called the "n" word and all the rest. they feel the atmosphere is so highly charged. we have to be careful the idea they would link it where they go wrong. >> bill: i only have 30 seconds so specific question for you. do you think there is going to be a backlash against the "new york times" and these other things for doing what they are doing? >> yes, think there is already
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one. normal people to say, hey, to equate political violence with political rhetoric is not terribly good for public discourse. >> bill: and liberals, conservatives and independents. >> there are few liberals that are evidence bound. but we need a lot more. >> one last thing before you go, you said and i wanted to reiterate if we can't talk to our public officials, you have shuler and they are going to carry guns. i want to be able to talk to my politicians or agree or disagree and not have guns out there. >> bill: we can't have it. thank you very much. later, bernie goldberg will be here upcoming. you a sharper trader? mine can.
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>> bill: continue with the arizona mass murders, a we pointed out in the talking points memo, political rhetoric uses terms, search and destroy, that kind of thing. responsible journalists pointed out every party has used those
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metaphors but dick durbin doesn't seem to get that. >> the freeway's, don't retreat or reload putting crosshairs on congressional districts as targets, these things invite the kind of toxic rhetoric that can lead unstable to believe this is an acceptable response. >> bill: i'm talking to you senator durbin. for the record, actress jodie foster can lead unstable to seek violence as we saw on attempted assassination ronald reagan. where am i going wrong here? >> i don't think you are going wrong. i think that country unfortunately is divided again along these lines. i think you've read my opinion and certainly know my opinion. my issue with the metaphors. >> let me stop you there.
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you saw the democratic senator take an actual gun and shoot it into obamacare. did you at that time express outrage? >> on my radio show, i did. >> bill: so you did express outrage. so therefore you have credibility to go on. so you say, no gun or military metaphor should be used in campaigns, is that what you are suggesting? >> yes, i'll tell you why. when you have somebody that has a screw loose we don't know what is going to push them over the edge. i feel that all of us, left or right, have a responsibility where we have a microphone and cameras rolling to be very clear that never, never can any one resort to violence. >> bill: military metaphors are not encouraging violence, do you see it that way?
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>> as you noted a lot of things push the mentally unstable. we know that with his meeting with giffords in 2007 what he was upset about was the fact she answered a question that she answered in spanish. so we better ban speaking spanish, ban having girlfriends because a girlfriend broke up with him. he is an abused drug user and flag he didn't like that either. the truth of the matter political rhetoric didn't have anything to do with this. >> bill: it is true that this guy wasn't ignited by anyone singular happening or media. he was just, he is a psychopath. but what leslie says, that in order to be calmer, in order to bring down the level of
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intensity in the political debate that we shouldn't be making the marble, the military stuff and shouldn't be bringing in these metaphors. do you agree or disagree. >> is an i no, ma'amly. this dialogue, this military rhetoric has been used by both sides forever and what happened on saturday doesn't happen. it is an anomaly. i look at the dynamic, i disagree with leslie there. americans like when the democrats used the wellstone memorial as a political rally, americans rejected that, as well. americans are appalled at what is happening here. >> bill: i hope they are but i'm not sure about that. look i hope you guys are right, but i'm not so sure. leslie, let me get back to you. the first president of the united states, do you know who the first one the first
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assassination attempt. >> attempt? no, i actually don't. >> andrew jackson. there was no -- it was a crazy guy. jackson, he didn't even press charges even though he got hurt. this is not going to stop. if you ban military illusions, if you do this and that, it's not going to stop. psychopath is a psychopath. jodie foster, come on. >> i don't disagree with you and i'm not calling for a ban never came off my lips or e-mail et cetera. i think -- you know what, you and i don't always agree but i've never heard you being vindictive or vile in the words and that is not always the case on television and radio. >> bill: what you just said i've been accused all day long? >> let me say with all that has
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been going on, there has been political assassination of sarah palin there is one person that has acted with dignity in this process. there the law of unintended consequences and liberals think she is going to be destroyed by they are lighting the differences of that woman. there is a way to carry on with dignity. >> bill: ladies, thanks very much. factor moves along the evening. you and bernie goldberg to comment on this incredible story out of arizona. and rosen on the political fallout in d.c. and what is
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>> bill: brit hume joins us from washington. to me, this krugman is biggest villain so far. there he is at princeton university and he has a platform with the "new york times" and he singles out michele bachmann, fox news as accessories of murder. this is beyond the pale? >> criminal would be out of his area of expertise, he is economist by trade. this issue and whole question of political discourse, the nature and effect on our national life may be beyond him. this was not a great moment for
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him. and this was a blog post something written in the heat of the moment after the terrible news of what had happened to gabrielle giffords and death of others had just arrived. "new york times" ran it in the newspaper the next day. i think it was an unfortunate outburst on his part and one which has been mirrored in other quarters as you pointed out. >> bill: as i asked mary, there is going to be backlash in this country against these people. this is what, to take somebody like sarah palin, glenn beck, michele bachmann and to accuse them of being an accessory to murder. that morally repugnant you are beyond free speech. because these people are famous people you can't take legal action against them. americans finally going to say enough. >> i don't think americans buy
5:33 am
this. >> bill: they are going to get angry against perfect via yors of hate. >> most of them will tend to dismiss it as being a line of argument that they simply don't agree with. some will be angry as you are understandably. this has been tried before. let's look back and see if it can tell us anything. in 1995, bill clinton whose party suffered in the polls much as the democratic just suffered in the past election, was confronted with the horrible calamity of oklahoma city. many people marked his political recovery from his response to that. his response came in two parts. one was he went out there and he was at the service, memorial service, he spoke eloquently. he acted with compassion toward the families and all who were affected by that. that was bill clinton at his best. at the same time through various things he pinned the blame on
5:34 am
rush limbaugh and other spokespeople on the mesh right. that went nowhere. it didn't affect rush limbaugh and so on. my sense about this, we have become a reflex response on the american left. it's hard to tell how much of it is sincere as a bitter reaction and how much is a political tactic. i would say it has failed so far and likely to fail this time. >> bill: there is a difference between '95 and 12011 that the 24-hour cycle news heightens it all. evening news would never have run my talking points memo. i couldn't have gotten that on the air. if i had a talk radio program i could have gotten a segment to the american public. everybody is going to know what i said and i am angry.
5:35 am
i am tired of it. i had nothing to do with it. i think it's appalling. my rhetoric has been fair. unless you hurt individual americans i give you a fair hearing, but you know, i just can't tell you we have a network entire network a that is built around attacking fox news and right wing people. that is all they do at msnbc. they have and nothing else. >> it's not working out for them. >> but it does mean i have to have 24-hour security. i have to worry about my children being assaulted. are you talking about nuts? they ignite those nuts all day long. i don't see equivalent of talk radio, i said there is some of that and some of the right wing people go overboard. i'll give you the last word. >> i agree but the most important is one that you touched on, 16 years ago across
5:36 am
the national media. i was a correspondent for abc news there was a monopoly viewpoint and that is gun. are was nothing like fox news to be an antidote to this. american right wing radio and media has gotten bigger than. it's an important counter wait but they don't enjoy the efforts like they did before. >> bill: when we come back, bernie goldberg not happy about the media coverage about the arizona murders. รง@d george clooney criticizing
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>> bill: i'm bill o'reilly.
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bernie segment, joins us from miami. talking on the break and we both say this is the worst we've ever seen, the worst media exhibition we've ever seen. >> in all my years as a working journalist i have never seen such shallow thoughtless agenda driven dribble as i have in the past 36 hours and it's all masquerading as serious analysis and commentary. liberals in the media and, no, not every single one but way too many of them have taken a page out of rahm emanuel's play book and they have decided they are going let this crisis or any other go to waste. in this is terrible tragedy in arizona, nobody on the right, nobody on the left wants to wanted to see that happen. once it did i, you know that paul krugmans of the world was
5:40 am
hoping that it was somebody in the tea party who pulled the trigger. they could say, you see, we were right all along. we told you these were vile right wing hateders. when it turned out it wasn't a tea party person but a psychopath that went into his backyard into a tent and prayed to a skull and who probably would have been touched off by a red balloon or a boxer of betty crocker cake mix, when they found it was that kind of person then they had to round up the usual suspects. the usual suspects were glenn beck, sarah palin and you, bill o'reilly. they said you created a culture of hate. now, we're all against the culture of hate but a culture of hate to these people is anything as you said in the talking points that they disagree with. what did they do? they didn't didn't do what a journalist must do, they didn't
5:41 am
connect the dots and make a connection between anything any of you have ever said and how that influenced the gunman. there is not a shred of evidence as of tonight that there is any connection between anything that any of you supposed hate mongers have ever said and what went on inside this young man's mind. they pointed specifically to sarah palin's congressional map with the crosshairs or whatever the targets on them. as you pointed out also in the talking points, the democratic leadership counsel, democratic leadership counsel also ran a congressional map a few years a ago with targets on them. where was the liberal outrage for that. where was the liberal outrage when liberal producer and director made a movie called
5:42 am
death of a president, about the assassination, not of a generic make believe president but of then president george w. bush. that was art. no outrage from the left over that. when president obama in june of 2008, when he was running for president, when president obama said, if they bring a knife to the faint, we bring a gun. where was the liberal outrage over that? >> he was quoting a movie and he was saying we are going to be tougher than the other party and it was perfectly fine. >> the point is that was just a movie. could you imagine if george bush said that? >> bill: the other disturbing thing about this case the sheriff of pima county, this dupnik, he gave these haters some cover. he gave them cover. i'm not sure where the sheriff understands that. i wanted to talk to him tonight. he didn't want to come on the
5:43 am
program although he did some other programs but he doesn't want what i'm going to bring. once they got a little cover, "new york times" in particular, that is what they look for. the "new york times," they are in business to do this stuff. they have nothing else to sell. the "new york times" looking for legitimate cover and they got it from the sheriff. then bingo, here it comes. >> exactly. >> what the sheriff did, don't be too kind to him. what the sheriff did was despicable, nothing less than despicable. he talked about the hate and this and that, but when he was asked by megyn kelly, do you know of any direct connection that any of these people know anything about this? he said, no, i don't. so keep your damn mouth shut. one word about the hypocrisy, if
5:44 am
they were giving prizes for hypocrisy they would be a whole bunch of men and women in the mainstream media who be crawling all over themselves to try to get their hands on it. what they did this time is worse than anything almost anything i'm sure. >> bill: nine-year-old girl murdered and you exploit that? nine-year-old girl? this the lowest point ever. last question, i asked this question to hume, is there going to be backlash against these people? >> it's a good question, but the best answer i can come up with, of course, i hope so. who says there is going to be backlash? the people on upper side of manhattan.... >> they have to. they have to do it because they have lost everybody else. >> you are absolutely right.
5:45 am
you said earlier that the conservatives they have lost the middle of the road people, the independents. it's going to take those people and i would say what, million people read the "new york times," you think 27 of them are going to cancel their subscription over this. they are dying institution. i hope decent liberals that are listening to us and seen what happened turn against them. that is my hope. >> bill: we appreciate it. our correspondent paul cameron and james rosen watching the political fallout will join us
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>> bill: let us bring in fox news correspondent james rosen who wrote an interesting article and chief political correspondent carl cameron. first of all we want to advance the story going forward. congress is shut down any activity and we assume president obama will travel to arizona for some of the funerals or memorial services. is there any political fallout going forward in your opinion? >> reporter: there is a backlash
5:49 am
indignation is an indication of it and we are hearing from conservatives on capitol hill who are just infuriated by the accusations made by some on the left, that this is linkable to conservative or perhaps individual politicians or tv hosts such as yourself. this in the past hasn't worked trying to blame one party. it has invariably backfired and if there is a political cost to this, it may be that democrats will have to begin backing away from these utterly ununsubstantiated allegations. >> you think durbin wouldn't get on the train. >> there is a cost to him. that is this country increasingly polarized has seen voters both in republicans and democrats become unaffiliated voters. they are ticked off to this knee-jerk reaction and begin to
5:50 am
distrust the parties in epic numbers. so as dick durbin that continuing to manifest this type of information is going to run a big risk of a backlash. >> bill: i think what is going to happen after tonight you are going to see them retreat what they have done in the past 48 hours. how about from your perspective? this is now going to become, i think, radioactive to politicians. i don't think you're going to hear somebody say irresponsible things that have been said. do you disagree? >> i don't the american people do not read paul krugman and "b" i think eventually going to relegate this incident to the anomaly that it is, it's the work of a deranged gunman with no political affiliations on the part of the gunman. i think the american people are going to move on except for
5:51 am
their continuing human interest in the recovery of congresswoman giffords and the other victims. i don't think this will have any lasting political implications, unless some members of the left are foolish enough to press the kinds of allegations in the first 48 hours. >> the problem is you are right, people don't read krugman, but it gets picked up by the internet and the huffington post and it becomes, in 1995, it becomes, well, yeah, the prevailing wisdom. look what happened to bush and cheney, how he was attacked, when cheney had heart problems, e-mail people on the left said we hope he dies. but his image in the american public went down because of all this stuff. >> we've seen now where these attacks have come on both sides. frankly few expect there to be any change in their policy
5:52 am
positions, republicans will remain conservative party. democrats will remain the liberal party. while they may cool their rhetoric a little bit in the short term, it's not going to change their policy decisions. many have them have begun to say that. they recognize there is perhaps a necessity for increased civil it in the discourse. substantively it won't make dinner is. >> guys that make a living on the right and left by personal attacks, they got nothing else. they have to do it. msnbc can't survive without personal attacks and even some of the right wing radio shows. >> there are some in congress who would actually like to limit speech, that criticism of federal officials with symbolism written or spoken should be banned. >> bill: i think we should have transparency.
5:53 am
rosen? >> the country is going to move on. whether we want to go with repeal of the healthcare law, what to do with the afghanistan, that is where the country is going to be focused and be focused on the presidential election. i think the giffords' assassination attempt will take its place as an anomaly and people will move on it. >> george clooney criticizing president obama over foreign policy, moments away.
5:54 am
>> bill: pinheads and patriots starring george clooney and president obama in a moment. first, it pained us to sell-out of the fleece jackets before christmas. now we have a new shipment. we are charging half what they sell for. you can't get the american patriot logo, just the jacket.
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we are charging half. stay warm this winter and accepted a great message. check them out on bill o' we have a new feature call, where do you stand? now to the mail: >> bill: not that easy we have competition in the oil business and prices rise and fall in concert. an article in sunday's "new york post" that says speculators are back diving up gas prices again and nobody is doing anything about it.
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>> bill: not at this point jessica she puts out good songs and hasn't yet been arrested. so, so far, so good. >> bill: i love those factor rules, dave. if you become a premium member you get pinheads and patriots free. great deal. >> bill: you know those
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bubbles max, they frightened me when i was a little kid, it still frightens me. don't know what is going on there. >> bill: whoa! excellent wendy, signed copy of p & t. finally as we reported last week actor george clooney went to africa to monitor a referendum to establish a new country. speaking on cnn he was asked about it. >> do you think the obama administration has a special role to play here? >> they have had a special role to play here. they were very good early on. then, they sort of dropped the ball for about a year. it is understand able there are a few things going on in the united states that had to be tan care of. >> bill: is mr. clooney's
5:58 am
assessment of pinheaded or patriotic? >> last friday we asked to you vote on vice president biden's dating advice to little girls. >> girls, remember, no dates until you are 30-years-old. no date until you are 30. >> bill: 84% said the advice was pinheaded. 16% believe it is patriotic. think it might have more to do with the vice president than the advice, but what do i know. we had a very good program tonight if you missed the program or talking points memo you can get it on factor fox news website. very important program. you might want to watch the second and third viewings if you missed. if you can't, check out our website. we would like you to spout off about what we said tonight
5:59 am laufer in are a you wish to opine. when writing the factor, do not be tendentious. good word. a lot of e-mail tomorrow. get them in and real have a -- i am bill o'reilly remember the spin stops here >> good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, january 11th. thanks for sharing your time. i'm gretchen carlson. the new photographs of the alleged assassin. we're learning more disturbing details this morning about jared loughner. plus his family about to break their silence for the first time. >> meanwhile, president obama putting aside his political differences with arizona's governor jan brewer and offering a helping hand. but it's what his party is doing that may cause him some trouble. we will explain that straight ahead. >> the storm that shut down the south moving


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